Dear children and parents,

"Mali Mozart" Sarajevo has organized for its members a school of the performing arts.

Classes are held bilingually, in English and in Bosnian which represents a big advantage helping children to learn Bosnian, or to additionally practice it.

Music is a part of the arts which encourages self-confidence and develops self-discipline, concentration and coordination. Music also enhances reasoning and creativity and also provides the means to express one's ideas and feelings. Music is actually the most beneficial academic subject in a child's education. And of course, music is a source of fun and pleasure.

In connection to music and the arts in general, the results that have been recorded are the spiritual and psychological benefits that arise as a result of self-discipline, hard work, self-expression, calm and inner fulfillment.
It has been shown that the involvement of children in the performing arts improves the child's intellectual abilities due to the adoption of new and different skills, including a new dictionary and overall quality knowledge.

Qualified and friendly educators communicate with students in person, although in a group atmosphere, paying attention to each student individually.
Throughout games, music theory and playing instruments our students are encouraged to develop the ability to: read music, rhythm and solfeggio (the art of singing).
Depending on the interests of your child, they will be presented and introduced to both classical music, popular music and jazz.

We encourage and propose that children from the age of 4 are at the appropriate age to be able to enrol and embark on the wonderful journey of music with us at "Little Mozart". If you as a parent feel that your child is talented and ready before the age of 4, we will be happy to comply with the request.


In the music department, we have organized individual and group lessons: piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, choir and solo singing (popular and modern), Music for Little Mozarts (preschool age), percussions, rock drums and keyboard. Lessons take place once a week and for the beginning, your child is not obliged to possess their own instrument.


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In the dance department, we have organized ballet and contemporary dance classes. Dance styles are not based only on one type of dance but include all kinds of classic, popular dances with great freedom and creativity. The dance groups consist of up to max. 8 children in each group.




Adress: Niže Banje 2, 71000 Sarajevo

Phone: +387 62 669 805