''Festive Gala Academy Concert'' W.A.Mozart

''Little Mozart'' for the fourth consecutive time traditionally organizes a special ceremony , W.A. Mozart " Festive Gala Academy Concert'' to mark the anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , every January 27. at the Army Hall of BiH in Sarajevo, to remember the genius of Mozart's personality and grandeur of his life and work.

That night in the spotlight will be the talented, creative children and students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Region. All perfomers who play or have played Mozart will be chosen by special audition where you can sign up by beginning decembar of each year.

"Mali Mozart" (Little Mozart) is an association which has its focus on nurturing music and performing arts as a creative tool using holistic approach as an enrichment and development in children's and youth education.

''Little Mozart'' for the past five years has had successful results of work with children and young people. In Mali Mozart children often have the opportunity to perform live and attend school courses for various instruments, acting , dancing and singing.

Our task is to create a great cultural environment for young people in order to enrich their musical and theatrical education and to provide additional opportunities for their further development.

The Principal of the "Mali Mozart" Sarajevo, Prof. Rusmir Russo Piknjac has studied at the Graz-Austria (Universitet fur Musik und Darstelende Kunst), was former employee of the "Vereinigten Bühnen Graz" Opera House-komponist, Music teacher (music school-Heart bei Graz), Theatre am Bahnhof, Theatre im Keller Graz, musician and composer, former employee of the "Aktion Spielbus" Graz, currently principal of the “Aria Music” school, Sydney, Australia.