Ariana Piknjač: Her video has over two million views and she dreams of becoming a member of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra! Classic FM - the most popular site for classical music based in London, uploaded the video "A little Mozart - Ariana Piknjač & Nikolina Susak" on their site.

Their creativity was recognized by the creators of Classic FM and decided to share a video of Ariana and Nikolina's multitasking flute and piano playing. In a short period of time the video has made a great success, and after less than two days there were more than one and half million views recorded.

Second instrument

Ariana was born on May 6, 1995 in Sydney, Australia. When she was 14 she returned to Sarajevo with her family where she enrolled the music high school and graduated from two fields of study - the music theory and education field of study and the flute performance field. Ariana is currently studying at the Music Academy in Sarajevo and is the fourth year of music theory and education, and the second year of flute performance in the class of professor Sakib Lačević.

The video that Classic FM posted has already more than a million and a half views and the number is increasing by the hour. Ariana is impressed at how fast it is going "viral".

– I cannot believe how many people around the world have seen, shared, liked and commented the video, and how many of them have come forward to show us their praise and enthusiasm. The video was created spontaneously. Nina (Nikolina) and I had a ten-minute break between classes, and at that time the idea was born - Ariana told us.

Ariana's musical story began when she was just three years and nine months old, when she started with piano lessons with her father Rusmir Piknjač who used a special method for young beginners, titled "Music for Little Mozarts'.

- As a student of music theory and education, I had a subject called "Second instrument" where I began to play the flute. I was 15 years old. I automatically fell in love with the beautiful sound of the flute. With every lesson that passed with my then teacher prof. Ana Pokrklic, I progressed and improved more and more, so I decided, in addition to being enrolled in the music theory and education field of study, I enrolled one more field of study: flute performance! - Ariana recalls.

Federal competitions

She has performed in various concerts with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as in other cities, including Friedrichshafen, Appenzell, Switzerland and Graz.

One of the most significant successes was when she took part in the federal competition where she won first prize. However, Ariana is particularly looking forward to this year's federal open competition to be held in April.

Dreaming of the Vienna Philharmonic

Ariana revealed to us that she would love to work with people who love to play and who are absolutely committed to what they do.

- I truly believe that if someone loves what he/she does and is persistent and optimistic, they will succeed. My dream is to play with the Vienna Philharmonic - said Piknjač.

(S. Ž./; Foto: A. REDŽEPAGIĆ)